14 March 2010

The Mona Lisa Curse

Hughes makes errors citing the word commodity, expanding and diluting it meaning. Art escapes many of the bounds that define a commodity. The market situation he discusses is far more like the double jointed, bewildering market of currency speculation. He must be the only person to ever take Any Warhol literally, it wasn’t really a factory, just called one. Real factories producing commodities have no relation to art production of any form, even silly art works. For a critic to grow tired of an artist work is not bad, but to keep your eye on they sales price is. He has been fully seduced into displaying work in this programme he hates because of its price is another failure. He should be heaving himself over to a cool show, check it out and let us all know, what is so hot about it. While reassuring the viewer, yes this money thing is folly like so many before and forthcoming.

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