17 October 2021

the Channel, la Manche

2 October 2021

Play it Again


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1 October 2021

Lest We Forget

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22 September 2021

Half the Story

The top hinge has become disengaged from the kitchen cabinet inferior to the sink. I want to attach a new hinge, one is being sent, post haste. It arrived and I learned a practical lesson in fulcrums and rotational points. I will need to repair the wood that was damaged and released the screws to create this problem and then replace the normal hinge.

I am getting a settlement for dental work not completed due to bankruptcy. Even though I got a local quote for work, I may still travel to get dental work done in another nation. Other medical things need attention. My body feels like a myth to me and this status promotes recklessness, which as time continues to abrade, compounds risk. Focus on input, exercise, vision, funny new spot on my face and so on. Must begin to consider the construction of self, as real, as a tree.

Upgraded to a new version of Elementary OS on my main computer, this required a clean install and there were a couple of settings that needed to be reattached. During this action, I forgot how to do some of them. and caused new adventures in clicking.

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14 September 2021

Thinking Back on Summer Hols

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24 August 2021

Unallocated Memory

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