30 April 2023

So Like Tomorrow

Is a bank holiday and I realised I have never been to a branch of any of the banks that hold my deposits. Even if I wanted to take the trip to visit them, they would be closed. Instead I will be cleaning things I never imagined would get dirty, like to top of a door and the back of a cupboard drawer. Today I did a drawing of the last twenty years of my life as dots. If I get any requests I will totally post it. The legend is โ€œbig daysโ€, โ€œbad daysโ€, โ€œschoolโ€ โ€œtrippinโ€™โ€ and โ€œworkinโ€™โ€. What else is there?

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22 April 2023

4 Byte Burger

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18 April 2023

Reminded of the Other

7 April 2023

Iridescent Skin

31 March 2023

Source Material

TV Show Theme Source
The Sopranos a mad man struggles to interface with reality, there is quite a bit of hostility to deal with Don Quioxte
Breaking Bad in a bind, a deal with the devil transforms the schemer the devil Faust
Sons of Anarchy dadโ€™s killer is mums new husband and dad to the protagonist Hamlet
The Wire mortals on toil while on a quest, crushed by bored gods Jason and the Argonauts
West World the slaves are revolting Spartacus
Blade Runner slaves, robots and psychopaths struggling for legitimacy and authenticity Pinocchio
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30 March 2023

You Know What Would be Great?

I want to log into every billion dollar company site I have an account with and delete the account. These parasites always intone to their symbiotic characteristics, but honestly as of late I have been light-headed due to low blood volume.

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