27 May 2024

Aquarium Maintenance

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2 May 2024

Plaque Build up

30 April 2024

I 🖤 Stationery

As I considered my stack of fresh, unspoilt notebooks, there was a blemish that required redress. While I had blank, lined, squared and dotted notebooks, I did not have nor could locate a be-dotted book. My life unfolds in effervescent episodes rather than the stripes of narrative. It took a very light search before I located Amazon KDP and a new project to pursue. This year I had hoped to focus on a web project that has been on a backburner for ages now. Circumstances have conspired to keep that backburner occupied and hopefully a modicum of success in this venture will bring forward a pot or two from metaphorical burners on a imaginary hob.

27 April 2024

Right to Left

When you start up a Raspberry Pi, using Raspberry Pi OS. You will be burdened with window controls on the right. The old way to sort this out is no longer available. This is the new way.

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout 'close,minimize,maximize:'

Now thinga are back where they should be!

25 April 2024

Rec Tech

Inspired by my friend Henry I have been listening to favourite songs on vinyl. Buying albums I used to own on CD and mp3. A pendulum of attention recovering an audio life. Focusing on British music, with frequent exceptions. One album in my early music journey had a sample in the middle that intoned Turn the record over” as it was hand sized metal and plastic saucer this anachronistic message was easy to ignore. Now on the reissued vinyl, it performs a useful function. As if the appendix is observed digesting cheese flavoured puffed corn.

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17 April 2024


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