30 March 2023

You Know What Would be Great?

I want to log into every billion dollar company site I have an account with and delete the account. These parasites always intone to their symbiotic characteristics, but honestly as of late I have been light-headed due to low blood volume.

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29 March 2023

Your Base Are Belong to Us

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23 March 2023

Geologic Layers

The cornershop was peeling back the layers during a renovation and torn out this cool old signThe cornershop was peeling back the layers during a renovation and torn out this cool old sign

11 March 2023


Later, I am going to walk to the recreation centre with the kid and she will swim about and then I will travel to central London and chat with a pal. Perhaps look at a watch and secure some wooly socks.

The lizard line will do the major rolling on this bright, cold day.

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25 February 2023

Kubrick on Kubrick

What did you see, think?

The format of the interview has been hollowed out by the podcast and its million chortling, facile practitioners. Their tiny offerings insult, but this film shows a success or two in this format when it was taken a bit more seriously. The interviewer chases the subject seeking revelation and this desire is rewarded. The various waffling of the interviewer present a fair net to catch cogent ideas that the films offer and the film-maker was seeking.

The maze of the mind is where reality is determined and while the lights flash and the sounds grow loud or quiet, the stage of thought is where we find truth and meaning and the cast of ideas at play in our lives. The things we think are strong break us as in β€œFull Metal Jacket”, our desires lead us to destruction that was always there as in β€œBarry Lyndon”.

The craft of the interview is still alive and flourishing in other locations.

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1 February 2023

Dog in Hat over Stick

Dog wearing a top hat struggling over a stickDog wearing a top hat struggling over a stick