22 November 2022

On the River

11 November 2022

Lump Shrinking

I have begun a systematic transfer of the old sight to this one. There are 863 posts to review. Many of the easy things to do have been completed and now it is all the tricky stuff in a ever diminishing lump. Some of the rot are the 148 images uploaded to a service called Cloud.app that has broken all of the links. This service was very convenient on the Mac for hosting images and at some point I am sure they had a change of business or something and they ended their image hosting.

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8 November 2022


I donโ€™t feel anythingI donโ€™t feel anything

17 October 2022

Washing Dishes

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13 October 2022

Such a Good Idea

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10 October 2022

Kite Festival