19 May 2015

Spiderman, Indeed

Sad SpidermanSad Spiderman

The current movie star and comic book hero, Spiderman is disappoints with his two retina based eyes, rather than eight compound eyes, for each corresponding hand. Yes, and hands, he is fifty percent form the expected number, famous for eight legs, this hero could use more appendages. These could add fun times to currently turgid plots.

When looking at a spider it appears that the silk comes from behind, not any of their legs, butt silk is what we want. Silk for spiders is used for creating apparatus for gaining food not transportation, this silk emerges from the equivalent of the spiders nipples and is an off shoot of the lactation process. Having a sticky white substance on his hands seems to indicate a completely different milk. I would settle for snack acquiring nipple silk, though butt silk would be better.

Getting bitten by a creature is never the cause for transformation. It is the process for the beginning of consumption or protection. A spider bite will inject a poison, and the poison is meant to kill. Transformational contact is always sexual. Peter Parker, got fucked by a spider.

Confusion about progeny can equal situations in which one thinks that creation happens from biting, we all are aware that it does not. Biting is used for eating, transformation of forms come from sexual encounters. Let’s see them get it on.

His thorax and abdomen are not even segmented.

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