21 July 2023

Powell River

Watering by a cool boatWatering by a cool boat

Arcing overlandArcing overland

These boats have seen it allThese boats have seen it all

Active horizonActive horizon

22 June 2023

Rear View Review of Russia

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20 June 2023

Roy’s House

15 June 2023

Tear Jerker

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30 April 2023

So Like Tomorrow

Is a bank holiday and I realised I have never been to a branch of any of the banks that hold my deposits. Even if I wanted to take the trip to visit them, they would be closed. Instead I will be cleaning things I never imagined would get dirty, like to top of a door and the back of a cupboard drawer. Today I did a drawing of the last twenty years of my life as dots. If I get any requests I will totally post it. The legend is big days”, bad days”, school” trippin’” and workin’”. What else is there?

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22 April 2023

4 Byte Burger

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