3 January 2017

Hot in the Kitchen

We certainly required a knife magnet, the long knife did not fit in the cutlery drawer very well, either its tip or tail hung over the edge of the cutlery grid. I saw a video in which a unremarkable, dull knife was sharpened and I wanted a constant reminder that, sharpening was a virtue. A magnetic solution was the only option, counter space being such a premium in this neighbourhood.

I got a knife magnet that was the same length as the depth of the cabinet, so that it could sit above the hob, for ease of access, yet not be all, hanging out like that chair in that show.

On the first day, it was installed. The Jamie Oliver paring knife with the broken tip and the small utility knife with the pitted black plastic handle, the red bread knife in its sleeve and the London drugs cooks knife were all in place, then while cooking, the London Drugs blade dives off the magnet and smacks onto glass ceramic hob edge.

Obviously I ignored the crack, but since the glass grows and shrinks with the heating of the various elements involved, I got a daily lesson in plate tectonics as fault lines ran from element to element. Our new hob will arrive in 4 days and is not ceramic or brittle.

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