3 November 2017


The noble bowels of London are being discussed due to enormous accumulations. These discussions are focused on requesting not flushing anything down the toilet other than faecal matter and urine. In some mediums in which these messages are delivered, a sad victim is sent into the bowels of the city with a toxic fume alarm dangling from his neck holding a tiny shovel. His job is to remove cities congestion.

It is an interesting detail in the variation from the public, government and the private, commercial spheres of operation. When something goes wrong in the public, it is incumbent to correct the error to allow for the smoother operation of the activity deemed important enough for the attention of the population of the state. When an activity is performed by a commercial structure, it scampers away from cost, activity and obligation. A public entity would clean and maintain the sewer, a commercial one, offer advice on public forums to lower prevalence the accumulation and send in an inadequate response that is designed to fail.

It is easy to imagine a team of individuals in airtight hazmat suits descending into the subterranean paths with heated organic detergent and artisanal bleach mixture tow. Their coordinated actions melting the blockages into liquid, space unblocked from our communication technology for more important messages to flow towards us.

this is what one requiresthis is what one requires

Cleaning by hand in an unsealed suit and no equipment

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