6 March 2015

Airdrop Dwelling

An aeroplane from a distance, slow, closer, its speed obvious, clattering, digging through the air, rear cargo doors open, a pallet is dragged out via parachute. On this rough wooden surface, metal, folded and sprung, now decelerating to a known rate, its angle of impact and rate of descent approximate, but within the tolerance of the generation of adequate kinetic energy to assemble the home on impact.

Slamming into the ground, straps release, wires uncoil, pipes extend, winding trough loops and channels. First appearing as a cloud of material, shrapnel, reorganising it self into a tumbling dome, with generous views and a spacious bathroom. Walls unfold and click satisfying into place and curtains unfurl behind windows of glossy plastic.

Inside the home, now still, a mobile phone lays on the floor of an empty room, trilling almost imperceptibly.

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