22 February 2009


The couple in front of me are wearing the same colours, but in different places. Her shoes are a rich, loam black, his, a crayola brown, both shoes have prominent stitches of a light hue. Black socks are united, but his pants are the colour of sand in a magazine printed in 1973, and her slacks are black. Under his vest is a black sweater and she has a sandy vertical pin striped top. His vest is a matte black nylon with a velcro fastener on the wrists. Her vest is missing its sleeves making it more of a vest than his jacket.

While he is reading his eyebrows are up and while she is working on her puzzles, her brow is furrowed. Both of their books are open to the end pages. Lenses hang before their eyes, hers held in black plastic, his chrome wire.

Now their legs are both crossed, left over right.

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