2 April 2009

Three Fingers my Friends / Três dedos meus amigos

Today I have on offer, a trio of links to other web sights. A writer, who is in my RSS feed has written about comments on web sites. I think his views are interesting and maybe in a sort of way, reflect my own. Leave your views in the Comments tab.

I have been spending a puffy cloud of time autodidacting internet technologies for a new project. This project is currently bubbling out of the ground, has lead me to scruffier parts of the internet, turning my attention into a gill net on these and related subjects. Soon I must focus this attention into a fishing rod of knowledge collection.

The final link is a frivolous gallery of files used for changing the appearance of a the part of the part of an operating system that controls the appearance on my tiny computer.

Comments - Reusable Solutions to Common Productivity Problems - 30 Gnome themes to enhance your Ubuntu experience

check it

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