10 June 2015

Three Errors

The Sound of My Voice in the Uk

  1. Ears fill with the sound of my voice and conclude I am from the United States, there are many more of these individuals than Canadians, so this error is minor and understandable.

  2. The listeners mind fills with all of the crap they think they know about the people of the United States, as articulated by L. Theroux; they are fat, stupid, christians, constantly firing guns. The listener floats on a cushion of smug superiority, confident in determining accents” like Henry Higgins and making proclamations like Sherlock Homes.

  3. I mention Canada, and the listener doesn’t change trajectories, and assume their prejudice is correct and applies over the continent. Perhaps the crawl down is more painful then acknowledging ignorance or learning about the history of the nation they are standing in.

This crescendo of annoying happens daily, the shared history, political structures and Queen not penetrating the comfortable fog of ignorance. Since I arrived in 2009, there has been an ongoing public discourse concerning mass migration”, the locals make themselves foreigners in their own country, by scarcity of effort.

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