11 August 2020

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Some Notes on a New Blog

My previous collection of posts began 21 Jan 2007 with a short message, the kind which would be absorbed in the space that Twitter now provides. I steadfastly refuse to let Twitter be the repellent thing it has become, in my use of it. Twitter will always be a TXT message to many, as it was when it started. Though, back on my blog, 400 posts and over a decade later, I knew I needed a change. WordPress, Ghost, Static site creation were all considered, planned for, but this is something else, nimble and based in text. It feels light and precise.

I used to upload handcrafted HTML to a web server, now I put text files in a local folder that synchronises with another computer and then a service. Also, I am exploring the command-line interface and fundamental technology as a reflex, searching for more flexibility and narrow resource use. Now I can update my site from a mobile device or any old computer with a terminal prompt. The terminal feels true and I am curious to see all that can be accomplished with this fine tool.

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