17 July 2014

This Bike

One that has bluetooth break leavers communicating to disk breaks. That has two rings in the front and four in the back, for 8 gears. The gears are changed with rollers built into the moustache handle bars and are also bluetooth. With a new different chain that can be used for security, somehow. A fold away retractable fender in the back that resembles a roman sun shade. A handsome speedometer, battery level and odometer built into the handle bars. A plastic seat that snow, ice and water can be brushed away, and solid tyres so there will never be the experience of a flat tyre.

Pedals that hold feet to bike with magnets that can be used with normal shoes, special shoes or pull on shoe accessories. There are no quick releases, the skin is reflective and solar power collecting.

The bike can be able to be left outside for years in the weather and still be ok to ride once plant life is brushed off. It will never stop rolling due to escaped air and will a bother to steal.

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