26 March 2020

The Herd

There are five computers in our house and for the last few weeks there has been much fussing with these machines. Most of them need work. A small black laptop is running Haiku OS, which is a very cool and fast experience, except when using a browser. I love writing here, the slow browsers help with focus. The computer was designed for students and has a durable feel, clonky keys and the battery life is fine, though sometimes poorly reported by the OS. This computer is decorated with decals and is the one I am most happy with.

There is one under the stairs that should be a NAS but usually has one problem or another, mostly due to my ignorance. It needs to run software for sharing, do some superduplicating and be an archive. It will probably end up being a file server, it is currently running a nice simple operating system, I am wondering about getting a simpler one for it. I am having trouble running some favourite software on it, if this doesn’t work, it will get simpler.

There is a small one that used to live under the telly and offer shows to the telly, this spot has been replaced my a small single board computer for my daughter. The small one has been erased a number of times and now wait for the files to be restored and then will go into storage.

There is the main one, it has a dim display, slow HDD and feels generally turgid. I imagine upgrading the display and storage to be brighter and faster with a new, larger battery pack for long run times without the cable, but then. Replacing it with a desktop, would be better.

There is another small single board computer around and it is in a cool box and I am going make it into a super nerdy music player.

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