20 July 2020

Spicy Soup

This hot liquid is a sort of pho, ramen fusion and begins with scorching some sort of protein in sesame oil, water is in the kettle beside, boiling, while dried mushrooms, chilli flakes, soy sauce, sriracha sauce and maybe chipotle paste or umami sauce are added to the too hot pot. A sense of threat is required.

Something is included for crunch and is sliced and waiting to be added towards the end; celery, radish, something like that. Boiling water roars into the sticky mess, a package of ramen noodles tips in, maybe its dusty flavour packet too, if compatible. Sometimes an egg will make it in and it will need, right before serving, to be topped with burnt sesame seeds, Togarashi Seven Spice or seaweed flakes.

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