27 September 2008

Saturn’s Day

Today I walked in my newly repaired boots. The repairs, extensive, changed the leather foot caves, filling this area with edges and corners where, before, were only smooth curves and arcs. Like erasers for the mistake of owning these boots for too long, my feet were getting rubbed away.

I could not let this stand in the way of my vague mission. To visit a new computer store, somewhere over there. I knew the name of the shop and got on a bus that I suspected would take me there. This bus was selected after consulting a helpful man working at a busy shop. He suggested the bus in an arbitrary way, I was probably heading in the right direction. A young woman and her two friends disembarked our common chariot before me, and vomited an peach coloured spray. As her friends patted her back, I changed my course and instead acquired socks.

Later while eating friend chicken on the side of the road, 3 wasps circled me, I threw down an offering and satisfied with this gesture, they let me be. There was a lone one, interested in the iced tea, it got smacked, then stood on a nearby rail, considering my actions.

I recognised my bus driver as a fellow who while I was reading about biology at a cafe wanted to talk about physics. He permitted my egress with the 5 minute expired transfer.

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