14 February 2022

Resplendent Voluminosity

When all you want is the time, and have no time for dealing with the machine that displays it, you seek an elusive quarry. There have been many compelling time pieces previous to now, but the current crop betray succinct presentation and crowd the possible and probably into the real estate of desire.

The fine people at Watchy have put together a general wearable time keeping computer with many cool features. I think they are very close to a general solution but save for durability, input reduction and elegance.

  1. The board should fit into the case, a smaller board without loops
  2. The case should be back loaded stainless steel with a press fit back plate. USB access could be here for hacking”
  3. No accelerometer, steps are secret
  4. Solar / light power source
  5. Two buttons max, low precision intervention, time zone, acurate time is set
  6. Atomic / radio signal time setting

These demands being met, would leave the wearer with much of what is presented. As the project is open source there are few barriers in the way of achieving this goal.

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