18 September 2010


This month, will be our last in the neighbourhood of Bermondsey. We have found a new place to live, in a neighbourhood called Nunhead. This place seems to lack the myriad of issues our current dwelling foists upon us. There will be a movie of the failings in the near future. Until then we are busy planning, our movie, packing and being interrupted by the letting agency who, before us giving up the tenancy could never return a phone call and now are at our door constantly with prospective new tenants, who I cannot make eye contact with, lest I scream,

They will never fix the door buzzer, toilet or mould farm! The electrical faults in the bathroom, with the flashes of light have not stirred them into action even though it presents a clear and obvious hazard.

That would be a bit much to holler, but I may.

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The Changers