19 November 2020

Raspberry Pi Projects I Want

Clothes washer

The hamper washes the clothes and then removes the moistures, folds and returns them to the closet and dresser with a system of rollers and vacuum tubes. This will need a lot of room, probably dedicate a basement for this activity.

Kitchen system

The sink, drying rack, and cupboard are on a slowly rotating cylinder. Moving the instruments of eating through their various stages of use, cleaning and storage. This cycle of cutlery will free valuable time in busy households.

Bartender, free pour

All of the bottles of alcohol are in a row with fast, remote control open / close stoppers, when the arm picks up the bottle, it knows the mass of the bottle. a glass is placed on a scale / coaster is filled with the right amount of drink for a refreshing cocktail. No pumps or hoses to clean.

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