24 July 2010


Advice for Pleasure

The game quidditch in the Harry Potter stories are a subliminal instructions for young men on the proper actions and attentions for making love to a woman.

Played astride a broom, held to the front of the body with one or two hands. Flying through the air. Free and unencumbered by gravity. (thanks Freud). When witches were being persecuted, their lack of sexuality due to age or social exclusion was cited by placing them astride a broom and endowing them with a phallus.

Each team has 3 obvious hoops and 2 conspicuous spheres to contend with, but like many adventures the prize is in the capture of the tiny, fast moving, hard to see, little, gossamer nib of a thing, called the snitch.

When captured, there is much cheering, applause.

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