4 June 2011

Plans For The Future

Modesty is to be protected with a layer of plant life. Applied upon waking, the seeds/clothing are suspended in a slightly adhesive gelatinous material and spread on the body. This fertilising, seed suspension material is spread liberally to portions of the body to be protected from the elements. The wearer, then proceeds to a light shower mist after this a quick splash of ultra violet light (provided) sets into motion a cascade of photosynthesis and a warm layer of protection. The nutrients in the gel feeds the growth of the seeds, the clothing flourish and the wearer is ready for the day. A variety of different flora is available from orchid for the fashion conscious, conservative shrubbery for business persons and cacti for rebellious teenagers. There will be a style for everyone. As the day wears on, various parts of the outfit can be snacked on and as the wearer retreats to the dream world, the compost can be filled with what is left.

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