19 January 2012

On Life in the Uk Test

I took the anxiety producing Life in the UK test, required for my application for Indefinite Leave to Remain, what would be called Permanent resident” in Canada and passed. I have been resident in the UK for 2 years now, the entire time I had the Life in the UK handbook with me, only paying attention to it recently.

When I first learned of the test, my view on it was negative and felt like a right wing concession, made years ago and formed into something for humans by bureaucrats, around my second anniversary on this windy rock here I started to view the test as a pub quiz and then it began to feel less onerous.

The procedure today in Lewisham, unfolded in humble cells, fluorescent lit, four of us gathered at a square table in the centre of one room to be tested, we had our ID checked after signing in at reception, were verbally informed of rules and requirements for the test. Then lead one more time for an ID check in the testing room and to the testing carrel with a simple screen for the practice and actual test. There are 24 questions and they do not tell you your score if you pass. Sixteen of my answers I was positive they were correct and guessed that the remaining I should get at least half of them. So on completing the test and waiting for my results, I was feeling ok. The pass on the test is 75%, 18 correct answers.

It was a relief to get the news I had passed and the form I need for my subsequent application for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

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