5 February 2010


I have been revisiting some of my magazines applying polish, correcting spelling and creating 2nd editions of some of them. Get you first editions soon, before they are replaced and you are looking like a chump at the auction house.

I spoke with Scott from the institution in charge of giving out numbers that are associated to individuals so that their wages can be noted for purposes of paying tax. He said that everything is going to be cool and someone would call or visit me and give me this number that I am seeking, within seven days, if they donโ€™t he gave me a new number to call and another number to tell the person who answers that call. This number will tell them all about my desire for the first number. Once I have the first number, I will take it then take this number to shop, where I chatted with Bobbi and trade my time for lucrative employ in one of the spires and towers of this fair city.

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