19 February 2020

Motor Yachts

Recently it has come to my attention that to travel Canada via air, a dual citizen would require a valid Canadian Passport. This seems unduly onerous, so I began some light research into a sea crossing as this requirement is not placed on that form of entry.

There are few advertised UK to Canada passages, without first travelling to the United States. There is a single container ship voyage available from Liverpool to Halifax. This is not the great for small children.

Then naturally I began to research undertaking the voyage in a personal fashion and entered the world of sea craft. I quickly dispatched sails as they require a deeper knowledge than I suspect I would never be able to acquire. Motor yachts remain, passage-makers and ocean going, bluewater vessels. Two electric engines for redundancy, durable aluminum hulls, powered by electricity, charged by light and other systems.

But any serious contemplation of the sea, results in the conclusion that under the sea is the best place to travel. No other animal attempts a tiny island on the ocean and desires to use it to move from place to place on it. Nay, they dip under the waves and enjoy the static situation there and deal with the problems presented there.

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