8 January 2009

Listing Badly

There have been a number of developments in my list of things to do. I understand that when I am able to articulate a desired activity in a single line of text that it is usually a description of something I will not need to do, want to do or I have removed an invisible handle from the listed, that things I accomplish have. Therefore my list grows long and plentiful like hair and the actions required to trim this mass remains still.

Today I confirmed that I can post my crates around the world with stamps, removed some applications from my Applications folder, exclaimed out loud, What’s up with Picasa [for the mac]!”, chatted about a I Love +levetica t-shirt with it’s wearer [who seemed irritated with my views and expounds], washed the glasses, packed away the food delivery, sat on the bike that does not move, cooked dinner, called the company I used to work for, removed sold items from my craigslist account, sat in the nice coffee shop with a coffee and trimmed my beard.

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