26 November 2014

Last Year

Was asleep, woke, a bit uncomfortable, poured water from a carafe into its tiny glass, drank it. My teeth ached. They ached like they do after exercising, I have asked various dentists about this jaw ache, they so far have no idea.

Walked to the bathroom for a desired floss and then thought, I could use a sit down.

Rachael said the sound of my head hitting the floor was unusual and woke her up.

I was not being very helpful in discussing with Rachael about was was going on. She made some phone calls, we got some visitors with gear, they measured this and that, concerned expressions and a swift, loud van ride to a hospital. I got a thoracic ultrasound and was declared NOT PAMI, not having a heart attack. My heart rate was fast, said the machine. 100bpm, a later blood test revealing high levels of troponin encouraged the doctor to perform an angiogram.

Later the gram got plasti and a metal sleeve was stuffed into a artery in my heart. I sat around after that, in a bed, with a pressure bandage on my wrist. It was difficult to sleep. This is the first time I had been admitted to a hospital since birth.

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