3 August 2012

Jacketing the Rhinoceros

It is terrible that the rhinoceros is in danger of no longer living on the earth.

To help with the endangered aspect of the rhino, they should be introduced to the grasslands of Canada as an invasive species. Here they can thrive where conservation can be vigorously enforced with isolation and disbelief.

The cold winters will create issues for these creatures, unaccustomed to low temperature, high wind and drifting snow. A new tradition will begin to prepare the rhino for the winter with a comfy jacket.

Young people will travel in small groups of three and four with extra large size thinsulate parkas and attempt to drape the jackets over the rhinos broad shoulders and to zip them up. Once this has been accomplished, they will be warm all winter, as they lack the dexterity to undo zippers.

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