28 January 2018


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Highway 16 from Prince Rupert to Prince George on the Pacific coast of Canada has a dangerous history and these characteristics demand a new method of moving people through this region.

There is a rail link and it is dominated by freight, the road, long and often suffering from hostile climate, landslips, flooding or black ice conditions. The river, does not link these two communities.

A pipeline was recently proposed along this route for oil, a slightly larger tube with a nice plastic road, protected from UV and weather damage, small battery powered Personal Rapid Transport system driving excursionists to their destinations.The pipe will have tail winds pushed trough and forgo any complex pressurisation procedures.

Various new technologies, recently developed, indicate this is a viable method.

Battery powered, long distance, high speed Personal Rapid Transport systems can provide the required mobility. Speed in this case, due to the long distances would be the most details followed swiftly by the durability of the travel surface and safety.

Other possible solutions is to resurrect the river boat service with a sophisticated craft that can navigate the tricky and variable river waters or, change the national train signalling to allow for PRT pods to share the rail line. New technologies often focus on glittering use case scenarios, when in quiet corners, desperate need demands new thinking, tools and actions.

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