1 December 2008


The clouds were low and pervasive, simplifying the landscape with grey, white and white white. A man collapsed in the cafeteria on the ferry. He is prone, on the floor surround by yellow tape as snackers, snack and diners, dine around him. An oxygen mask on his face where a cheeseburger should be.

The ferry returned to the port it had departed from.

The noise of the passengers has increased as they rose their voices between each other.

Paramedics have come on board, two teams of two. Someone said a heart attack. I am sitting in line of sight to the exit, we have been docked for a while, the paramedics have rolled the fallen man through the doors, to a more complex medical establishment than the Pacific Grill.

There has been an announcement that there is vacuum problems with the aft wash rooms.

The gang plank has been retracted and almost all of us, are once again, moving towards the destination printed on our boarding passes.

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