4 April 2008

Euthanasia, Death Works

The ending of life must never be accelerated by individuals in the profession of medicine. These men and women are the guards to life, living, health, wellness and vitality. They must never grow comfortable in ending this fussy situation called alive”. Having tools near by that can accomplish a task, does not mean that those tools are the best for the job of the termination of all experience for an individual. Medical persons work undisturbed on the project of strategies for living, prolonging life, romping in fields, pain reduction and so forth.

Better equipped for the ending of life, the men and women of our armed forces.

I propose a situation in which a simple form is completed, signed, notarised and reviewed by non partial board of professionals, such as figure skaters, owners of hockey teams, politicians, journalists and distillers of fine spirits. Once the form has been approved, the military leaders in local area will provide choices. Considering the logistics and desires of the individual making the request to end their life.This service can be offered to citizens who are not terminally ill for a nominal handling fee. If you are terminally ill, this will carry no cost.

I also propose that the military handle all forms, rituals and activities concerning death and dying, during peacetime and when involved in low level engagement. The current death industry in caught in some sentimental loop of flowers and brass. The modern secular dying or dead person needs something else. They demand efficiency, high technology and discipline. I want for myself, for my friends; the option to be buried at sea, to be used as biological weapon to spread pestilence or to be laser guided into a new land, along with tonnes of attractive cluster bombs. The military can achieve this. They must now bravely diversify their portfolio and deal with all levels and forms of death that have for too long burdened medicine and business.

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