17 November 2010

Elusive Transparent Liquids

Now I am searching for Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol in London. The difficulty experienced in finding these two liquids reminds me of the trial endured to locate unmalted vinegar and mineral oil. The mineral oil had a funny name so it took a bit to unearth. The unmalted vinegar had to be purchased from a store trading in the groceries of Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

My suffering has alerted me to a possible market for London. A shop to sell these furtive liquids along with transparent coffee and distilled water. Also on the pristine, glowing shelves; saline solution, perfume (his: pine, hers: doughnut), bleach and an all purpose cleaner. On the Ingest shelf; Mineral Water, Soda Water, Tonic Water, Non-malted Vinegar, Vodka, Gin, and sadly White Rum.

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