8 November 2009

Drinks at Shandi’s

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Shandi invited a number of people over to her place to have after work drinks. There were about 6 people in the 3rd floor apartment. We were listening to music, drinking alcohol and speaking loudly. As I was returning from a Cheese Puff run, I noticed that the gathering could be heard from the front door of the apartment. I mentioned this.

you guys are fucking loud.”

There was sporadic dancing. I ate some Cheese Puffs.

After some time there was a knock on the door.

Vancouver police, may we come in”

I felt a sensation of vindication, until I saw them. From my position, sitting on the floor, it was easy to see the police officers were heavily armed and padded.

Their fingers resting on the trigger guards of their assault rifles.

We received a complaint that a man on this floor was holding a gun to a woman’s head.”

One of the officers stood in the hall while the other one poked his head into the kitchen. We were speechless for a second. We weren’t that loud. The officers in the living room seemed amused. I asked if I could take their picture and gingerly got my camera. Lydija flirted with them, they departed. We discussed our armed pals a great deal.

Later Shandi spoke with her neighbour who told her. She heard some quiet speaking outside her door, thinking it was the manager going to quiet down the party, she opened her door to speak with him and was surprised to see, basically soldiers discussing the evacuation of the 3rd floor of the building, in case the sniper on another building needed to shoot without puncturing any other tenants. They ushered her downstairs pass other officers, with a battering ram. The neighbour, once downstairs in the lobby witnessed yet another officer, gathering information from the manager concerning the occupants of the flat.

There was general agreement that the complainants need better binoculars for spying, less imagination or probation.

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