16 March 2010


Today is a bit sunny, I ventured out into the world to check out a cafe mentioned in a local website. It is a the same transit zone as I, so should be cheap to get there. On my walk to the hole underground, I saw a funeral procession, at first I was excited to see a fellow in a top hat, but then was sad to see he was protecting a hearse. I exchanged trains at London Bridge, from Jubilee to Northern Lines, heading to Camden Town station. There are many tunnels to roll through, like a red blood cell, when changing lines. There were a lot of body modification shops near the hole from which my tunnel punctured the ground. A short walk down a road is the coffee place. The coffee is a normal here, judged by tasting good and full. The first real cup I have had in months.

I am thinking about using FileMaker as a blogging platform, why is that a bad idea?

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