7 March 2012

Collected Human Thought

Libraries I Have Visited

There is nothing better than a library and I have not visited many. The ones I have are listed below. As is the case with humanistic institutions, they vary and a quiet, complex hostility can rise from the benevolence of the institution.

Prince Rupert Public Library is top notch, everything works and is nice and easy for non-locals to get on the net, their public access system is in Linux and provides all one needs and nothing your don’t, fast.

Terrace Public Library has no wifi, used to provide a ethernet cable but on my last visit, have lost it. The internet browsers on the public access terminals are very, painfully out of date. I lost my card for this library. I think a former girlfriend took out some books under that card. Sorry.

Oxford Central Library has no toilet, wi-fi sort of works, but mostly doesn’t. I don’t have a card for this library.

In the Aberdeen Library the lights in the toilet are violet making intravenous drug use a bother, the layout rambles, but the exterior of the central branch is cool. No card for this one.

Lewisham Public Library has the toilet is on the bottom floor. Could use a brighten up and shatter proof glass. Can’t remember if it has wi-fi or not, so I called and a fella said, yes, cheers. No card for this library.

Peckham Library is on legs and has a funny pod in the middle sort of like a stomach. Their router hates IPV6. I can borrow like a bug here.

Biblioteca Municipal Ribeira de Pena, is very dramatic, new and cool looking exterior, but few people we exploring when we visited. I can’t read any of the words in this library and don’t have a card.

John Harvard Library is has a very light collection of books, but makes up for this with wi-fi, a cafe and many public access work stations. In terms of libraries, it is kinda like a guy in a cool, new thinsulate jacket, hanging out with his buddies in wool, shivering.

Nunhead Library is a small, child focused library no wi-fi, very few, slow computers available with that software Southwark uses, it is sadly based on Windows. You can get garden waste bags from here.

Blue Anchor Library is very small, no wi-fi, but printing is available if you have a card. A guy named Rodney works there and their tiny art section has all you need to be informed about the last four thousand years of art making.

Vancouver Public Library is a curvy shaped building and everything works, washrooms on all floors, wi-fi all over the place. They used to close for days due to budget shortfalls. It can sometimes be difficult to find a spot to sit.

The British Library is a mighty fist smashing away ignorance. It has it all. There are many rules to be followed to gain access to the books. I have a card with a horrid photo of me on it.

Greater Victoria Public Library is a bit frumpy, small but everything works, toilets, wi-fi, public access terminals. I used to meet Rachael here all of the time and use my card for reading local papers online.

Seattle Public Library, Central Branch is a funny shaped building. I just walked around did not sit and work there.

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