18 January 2011

Cold War, Arms Race

So there was a bomb, the bomb, it could make a tiny sun over a city with a shoe box of elements and everything arranged just so. The bomb was carried on a plane, a big, slow plane called a bomber. The bomb made everybody in the world concerned so they all did something, as people do when concerned. They made interceptors, big fast planes, to go and shoot down bombers. They all looked kinda the same. A rocket with a chair on it for the pilot and a gun or whatever. These planes usually had triangle shaped wings for stability when going fast to catch bombers.

The people with the bombs and the slow planes did not want their tiny sun in a box, intercepted.

They then out rocketed the interceptors by putting the bomb inside of a rocket.

Bombs now sat in the pilot seat and by doing sums very well, they could shoot a bomb high in the sky and drop it anywhere in the world with just small deviations in trajectory, its path was so high. Interceptor makers had a tool with no job, and soon stopped making them, it was too depressing. Many did not make bombs, but some conspicuous people did, and they pointed their bombs at the other bomb makers bombs.

This went on for a while. Getting worried about their rockets they soon tucked them underground, covered in steel and shrubs and other protective things.

Then one side got the good idea to put rockets in submarines and the other rocket maker found this complicated and lost the ability to cover the other sides rockets with bombs.

So got hired trucks and drivers and a guy with a book of sums to drive aimlessly in a truck with a rocket on it, pointing their rockets every so often at foes from a dusty platform. Then after a while one side said, โ€œoh forget itโ€ and stop messing about with making and positioning bombs for a while and everyone said, โ€œShouldnโ€™t you lock those up?โ€ and they said โ€œLeave us alone!โ€

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