3 August 2011

Cold Sandwich

Intercontinental ballistic light travel will end the jet age and begin a new day of personal mobility, up, into the thin air and back down at ones destination. Travelling the world will be easy and the sovereignty of nations will transform into a bright and flexible discourse in which affiliation to nations and locations will flex and bend, at the point of the individual.

No longer will people be pinned by tyrants to a spot via immobility. Danger will prompt elevation to the heavens of the people in the trouble spots and then after a moment in the stratosphere a return to a better land.

In a time in which people routinely held belief in super nature, collective translocation was plausible, as the thought that permitted faith could easily hold the activity of people and disparate materials could coordinate their activities, properties and avoid catastrophe, as faith diminishes, personal responsibility over takes and we will fly by ourselves.

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