20 August 2017

Coffee in the UK

Beans are currently from these vendors, they are strong with an aggressive flavour, good value and a fancy café if you are ever in the neighbourhood.

This grinder was chosen because we have too many electric gadgets in the kitchen, this one is reasonably priced and all of the nerds say that a burr grinder is required for all of the usual reasons, and storing the beans whole is the best option as it decelerates venting the essential oil.

I use a stove top but have been thinking about a pour over to replace that time in the day when a cup of instant is considered.

The hard water is filtered by brita, who never promises to soften the water, but the limescale doesn’t accumulate in the kettle anymore. We used to buy bottled water, but really. I have heard that boiled water from the kettle can be used in the stove top, but I would burn my hand and the fear of filling over the valve is enough danger for one drink.

I usually preheat the element, we have an electric hob, this would be unnecessary if using gas.

Whole milk is warmed by one of these, I was given a spare, but have not used it yet, waiting fort this one to break down. It is making a funny sound.

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