17 March 2010

Canadian Action Film

Imagine revisions of popular action films, reframed from the point of the antagonists. Their actions presented in a sympathetic light. For instance, the errors of the hero are focused upon and the hero’s poor dress or inability to communicate with the antagonist is illustrated. Also this imaginary film will use visual techniques to emphasise common points and sensations. Dramatic close ups of breathing and blinking, forcing humanity into the narrative and subjugating the sensational. The loss and destruction of property would be noted on screen, with a replacement value total always present and updated as the film continues. Interviews conducted with concerned citizens, outraged at the behaviour depicted on screen are given time to express their feels and offer suggestions to the relatively undifferentiated antagonists and protagonists. Medical advice and warning, details of treatments and the long road to recovery, expressed by medical professionals for those characters sustaining injury. The version of this film for the USA market will display a price tag for that layer of information.

This film would be terribly dull, with moments of humour, but a sad, defeated humour. This would also be noted in the film.

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