26 August 2008

Busy People Write Lists in Conspicuous Places

Things to do: Trim sideburns, collect dry clothes from the machine that steals humidity, go to the YMCA, check with the book store for books to add more books to my stack of books to read, take clothes to the place where they will be cleaned without water and soap, ride the bike that does not move, wash dishes for future meals, file papers to ignore them, look for some new forms to fill out, trim fingernails, write a letter to someone who has stopped writing me letters, take my boots and shoes to the local cobbler for repairs, fill the closet with things to give the Value Village, defrost the fridge.

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Yes! That’s the key I have turned my keys in to a flower, on my desk, by moving the end of each key as far away from the adjacent key as possible. Still smells like