22 May 2014

Boy Fear Cures

Comicbook Characters and the Fears They Assuage in the Minds of Little Boys

Character Fear Argument
SUPERMAN powerlessness The fear of being dissolved in the banal homogeneity of adult male identity
SPIDERMAN masturbation Sticky hands, flying from building to building, through the air, crawling up walls with hairy hands, long socks
BATMAN homosexuality Lives in a cave, closet with scantily clad boy and older man, complex daddy issues, capers at night in leather fetish outfit, has a car that projects anxiety, pretend girlfriend
WOLVERINE castration Knife hands when excited
IRONMAN erectile dysfunction Soft mammal body replaced with a hard outer shell, like an insect
HULK tiny penis Expresses rage, clothes ripped apart by growing mass except for one part then never grows very large

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