30 June 1999

Interactive Canada

State: Yukon Capital: Whitehorse Area: 186,272 sq mi Population:40,208 (2019 est.) State: Northwest Territories Capital: Yellowknife Area: 519,734 sq mi Population:44,420 (2019 est.) State: Nunavut Capital: Iqaluit Area: 787,155 sq mi Population:39,170 (2019 est.) State: British Columbia Capital: Victoria Area: 364,764 sq mi Population:5,034,482 (2019 est.) State: Alberta Capital: Edmonton Area: 255,541 sq mi Population:4,362,503 (2019 est.) State: Saskatchewan Capital: Regina Area: 251,700 sq mi Population:1,169,131 (2019 est.) State: Manitoba Capital: Winnipeg Area: 250,950 sq mi Population:1,362,789 (2019 est.) State: Ontario Capital: Toronto Area: 415,598 sq mi Population:14,490,207 (2019 est.) State: Quebec Capital: Quebec City Area: 595,391 sq mi Population:8,452,209 (2019 est.) State: Newfoundland and Labrador Capital: St. John’s Area: 156,650 sq mi Population:522,537 (2019 est.) State: Prince Edward Island Capital: Charlottetown Area: 2,190 sq mi Population:155,318 (2019 est.) State: New Brunswick Capital: Fredericton Area: 28,150 sq mi Population:773,020 (2019 est.) State: Nova Scotia Capital: Halifax Area: 20,441 sq mi Population:966,858 (2019 est.)



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